Town Clerk


Suzanne Flagg – Town Clerk,  Notary Services
Mary Chominksy – Deputy Town Clerk


8 Water Street
Warren NH 03279


603-764-9296 (fax)


Dog Licensing
Every owner of a dog that is at least four months old must license their dog each year at the Town Clerks office. The dog licensing year runs from May 1st to April 30th. The fee amounts are as follows:

    • $6.50 – Puppies four to seven months old
    • $6.50 – Dogs spayed or neutered
    • $9.00 – Dogs not spayed or neutered
    • $2.00 – Senior citizens (65 yrs.) for 1st dog

When licensing your dog, you will need to provide the town clerk with a current rabies certificate and proof of alteration if dog has been spayed or neutered since their last license.

If you wish to license by mail please include copies of the rabies certificate (and alteration certificate if necessary) and a self-addressed stamped envelope.   Mail to: Warren Town Clerk – PO Box 40 – Warren,  NH 03279 . If you have any questions please call the Town Clerk at 603-764-7705 or email at   Checks shall be made payable to:  Town of Warren, NH

Owners who fail to license their dog(s) or renew their dog license within the proper time limits may be charged a $25.00 forfeiture plus the cost of registration.

Marriage/Civil Union License
The Town Clerk may issue a marriage/civil union license to the applicants on the same day of the application, provided all signatures and statutory requirements are met:

    • proof of age
    • picture ID
    • a certified copy of a death certificate of a former spouse, if applicant is widowed
    • a certified copy of a final divorce decree, if the applicant is divorced
    • a certified copy of an annulment decree, if the applicant’s previous marriage was annulled.

Both parties must appear in person to file marriage/civil union intentions as the signature of each applicant is required.
The license shall be valid for a period of not more than 90 days from the date of filing.  Currently, the marriage/civil union license fee is $50.00.

Vital Records
The Town Clerk will assist you in obtaining vital records for birth, marriage/civil union, and deaths.

The fee for a certified copy is $15.00. The fee for each subsequent copy issued at the same time as the initial copy is $10.00. The fee is made payable to the Town of Warren.

An application form and a photo identification is required to complete the vital record.

Please be aware there are certain restrictions for obtaining vital records and not all records are available at the Town Clerk’s Office.  Records for all events happening in New Hampshire are available at the Division of Vital Records in Concord, NH.  More information about restrictions and requirements is available on the NH Vital Records Website at:

Motor Vehicles
The Town Clerk will register motor vehicles, during normal business hours.

Wednesday  4pm – 7pm   •    Friday 12 pm – 3 pm