Health Officer


Paul Beland – Health Officer

Bryan Flagg – Deputy Health Officer


8 Water St.
PO Box 40
Warren,  NH 03279




The health officer and the Board of Selectmen constitute the local Board of Health. The health officer is the secretary and executive officer of the Board of Health. The role of the board is to take cognizance of the public and environmental health of the town and to pass local health ordinances as allowed in RSA 147:1.

Town health officers have the authority to promulgate regulations for the prevention and removal of public health nuisances. They also have the authority to make other regulations relating to public and environmental health, as in their judgment are necessary to protect public health and safety. Such local regulations must be approved by the Board of Selectmen, recorded by the town clerk, and published in a local newspaper, or have copies of the regulation posted in two or more public places with in the town. State law does not require such regulations be brought before the annual meeting of the town.