The Town of Warren has four cemeteries: East Warren, Clough, Glencliff and Village Cemeteries.

David Heath – Cemetery Sexton
Donald Bagley – Cemetery Trustee
Marlene Wright – Cemetery Trustee
Marie Spencer – Cemetery Trustee

8 Water Street
PO Box 40
Warren NH 03279

David Heath

289:6 Cemetery Trustees. –

  1. Every municipality shall elect a board of cemetery trustees consisting of 3 members, unless a town at an annual or special town meeting votes that the board shall consist of 5 members. In the initial election of cemetery trustees, they shall be elected by ballot at an annual town meeting. One shall be elected for a one-year term, one for a 2-year term and one for a 3-year term. In towns with a board of 5 trustees the 2 additional trustees shall be appointed by the selectmen, one for one year and one for 2 years. Subsequent trustees shall be elected by ballot at the annual town meeting to replace those whose terms expire. The term of each trustee shall be 3 years. Vacancies shall be filled by the selectmen for the remainder of the term. In cities the trustees shall be chosen and hold their office for such term as shall be provided by city ordinance. Trustees shall organize by electing one of their number chairperson and another bookkeeper, who shall keep the records and books of the trustees, and shall issue vouchers as necessary for funds to be expended. The chairperson and the bookkeeper may be the same member.